Product Description

By combining field transaction data with location data, SmartGeo provides intelligent reports and business insights for strategizing, planning, measuring and optimizing field-based operations. These reports are plotted on maps for visually understanding what the data represents in the real-world. Though designed specifically for the banking and logistics industry, with pre-defined templates for specific use cases, the product can be configured for any industry with field operations.

Key Features

Domain Specific

Domain Specific Templates

The solution comes pre-loaded with use cases especially for the banking and logistics domain. These use cases cover most of the field based activities with highly customizable options. Reports and analysis required by the stake holders including corporate managers, agency managers, planning managers and field staff.


Maps/DB/Domain Agonistic

Designed to work with multiple maps and map data providers to provide customers with the best-of-the-breed solutions. This also helps in keeping costs under control by using different maps based on the cost factors. Works with multiple DB and data sources making it one of the most powerful visual analytical engines.

Faster Implementation

Faster Implementation For Faster Results

Offered as a SAAS model, the solution can be implemented within days with highly configurable options to customize based on customer specific requirements. Newer features are rolled-out on a regular basis enabling customers to take advantage of these with no additional cost.

SmartGeo Benefits

SmartGeo Benifites

Operations Efficiency

Visibility for Operations Efficiency

SmartGeo through its combination of mobile and web modules, brings real-time visibility of field data into the hands of decision makers.

Increased Agility

Increased Agility and Productivity

Enables field staff to handle dynamic operational challenges increasing productivity and efficiency of operations.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics for Strategy Planning

Visualization of data provides management in effective planning, executing and measuring strategies to fine-tune offerings based on customer demands.

Product Look