Proof of Delivery Automation

The main differentiating factor between the 1st tier and 2nd tier courier and express delivery operators is the ability to provide instant proof-of-delivery to consignor. This is also the single most need to the hour for the customers of Logistics companies.

We offer a wide range of solutions that caters to your budget and requirements of Logistics operators. Highlights of our solution includes: -

Instant POD availability
Integration with existing backend systems
Any mobile device can be used to capture POD
Instant SMS notice to Consignor
Integration of the solution with Telecom service provider
GPS Integration
Maintenance of the Solution
We provide total integrated solution including Mobile Device, GPRS connectivity, Mobile Application, Hosting of Middleware, Integrating with existing system, GPS integration etc. Case-Study of DHL-Bluedart Proof-of-delivery automation Please call us to discuss your requirements.