Payment Collection

The payment collection process is predominantly manual and the information flow between the Banks, Collection Agencies and Collection Agents are tedious and time consuming. The transaction that happens in the field is available to all the entities upstream only at a much later date. Instant availability of transaction data is a key factor in this business.

Adhering to guidelines provided by RBI is paramount and with no visibility into the field activity of the collection agents, Banks run the risk of losing their license if the field activities are not monitored and controlled.

Our solution address all the business situations mentioned above and more by automating the field operations. This includes the mobile application and web based middleware which connects to existing Banks system. Mobile device/application is be used by the field collection agents while middleware acts as an interface between the mobile device and the existing Bank’s system.

Advantages of the Solutions:

100% visibility into field operations
Nationwide collection is known at the EOD
Money collected Vs Deposited report
Real-time info of no. of FOS on field
Consolidated view of field operations during the day
Dynamic re-allocation - Allocation based in Agency basis Vs allocation on FOS basis
Removal of stat card (cost reduction ; No printing ; couriering of filled-up forms)
Instant update of field transactions
All field transaction will have the following auto capture field
Date and Time
Latitude and Longitude
Customer Signature, Door lock/Un available ; verified by GPS/Image
Dynamic allocation of work to field staff, while at the field
100% adherence to SLA and guidelines of Regulation Authorities
Escalation - Proactive problem solving (dynamic allocation of work if field staff absent)
Transparency in transaction
Prevention of fraud
Audit trial
Real-time MIS
Country wise, Region wise, State wise, City / Town wise, Agency wise, FOS wise
Collection pattern time wise for segmentation
Micro portal of Agency
Tracking of field personnel activities
Route taken, Time spend at a particular location etc
After office calls can be facilitated and tracked
Consolidated view of day/month activities
Tool for Performance/Appraisal/Reward of FOS
Incentive / Salary>
100% Recon EOD – Attempted or not
Transparent Accounting System
Field staff can login for activities assigned to him from field itself, without coming to office (saves travelling time from home to office
Tracking of field personnel activities
Mobile Device to ease operations