Contact Point Verification

Verification of Records / information provided by potential customers is an important and mandatory process in various industries including banking, employment, telecom etc. This manual and labor intensive field process throws up a lot of challenges and is plagued with fraudulent activities. To provide effective and secure verification process, we have developed contact point verification solution built using industry best practices and leading mobility technology.

Reduced turnaround time
Highly Secure verification process
Captures all field activities during the verification process including
Automatics Latitude and Longitude of Verification location
Verification of Lat Long with address provided
Scanned Image of Documents used during verification
Signature of Client
Various time and motion study report of verifier with minute to minute tracking of the verifier activity.
Proactive alert in the event of any suspicious activities
Various Intelligent reports
Provision to integrate with existing backend process
Built on Robust and Secure Enterprise Mobility Framework
Hosted Business Model making the solution easily available to customers