Cash Management Solutions

Banks offer a wide range of Cash Management and Payment Collection solutions to their Enterprise customers. The real differentiator between services offered by Banks depends on the automation of business process that happens in the field. The field staff need to access banking details available in their secured systems and the field transactions should be updated instantly to Banks system.

Our Cash Management solution automates the entire field cash management operations and instantly updates the Bank system with real-time field transaction details. This empowers Banks customers with consolidated nationwide collections in real-time. For Banks it provides visibility into their field operations with various time and motion based reports of individual field staff and reducing fraudulent attempts.

Features of Cash Management Solutions:

Automation of all Cash Management activities using Mobile Phone
Dynamic allocation of daily work to field staff
All transaction details are captured electronically and transmitted to Banks central server instantly
Open standard based Middleware that can be integrated to Banks CMS system
Alerts of any fraudulent activity in the field
Instant availability of credit from partner bank
Drastic reduction in paper work and hence increased productivity
Audit Trails