About us

Our hallmark is the high quality services that we deliver making us the preferred choice of many Multinational companies. We place the power of information at the hands of the field staff when he needs it the most and help him transacts business in real-time. through all the stages of building the solutions till implementation and support.

As industry's most comprehensive, reliable and innovative enterprise mobility solutions provider, we assist our customer's transition from a wired and deskbound enterprise to an always-on, ubiquitous wireless enterprise. Now with our award winning mobility solutions, customers can enjoy the confidence of working with the best in the industry while deploying enterprise mobility solutions.

Our integrated services manage all phases from Needs Analysis to Implementation using standards-based methodology, rock-solid design principles with a time tested and proven delivery model. All components involved in designing Mobility solutions are identified and managed by us including Domain consulting, Technology selection, Mobile Devices, Wireless connectivity, Data Security, GPS Mapping, Hosting of Middleware, Integration with Backend systems etc.

We offer various business models to clients including Software as a Service model, Build, Operate and transfer model or just acts as consultants and software development partners. Whichever model you choose, we offer the highest quality of services and integrity in all our business dealings.

industry's that we specialize includes Logistics, Banking and Telecom.

Call us to discuss how mobility can offer your business Operational and Strategic Advantage.

With new technologies emerging every day and mobile phones evolving into miniature computing devices, the dependency on technology has been on a rise which has led to the necessity for new and innovative products and services that are economical, easily accessible, compatible and time efficient. Avon Mobility provides an array of such services and products to the consumer market.

Avon Mobility has been providing value added services to all the major telecom service providers in India. We have a one stop location for all kinds of mobile applications, be it innovative and fun educational products or uplifting and inspiring devotional products, wise teachings for ethical living or 3G greetings for your loved ones. As the Indian telecom industry gears up for the 3G launch, we at Avon Mobility have ensured that all our products are compatible on 3G devices.